• Vision Guided Machine Solutions

    • Improved work environment
    • Stable quality
    • Reduced manufacturing costs
    • Improved work efficiency

    This guide will introduce various examples of robots used in a variety of industries.
  • Automotive & Automotive Parts Industry
    Handling System Used in a Harsh Environment

    Hot forging is an essential process in the manufacture of automotive parts and one of the areas most in need of robotic operation due to its physical impact on the human body from high temperatures, vibrations, noise, and particulates. 

    Robotic arms are introduced as a handling system for feeding materials into heating, melting, and heat-treatment furnaces as well as taking out products from the same.

  • Electronic Device Industry
    Robot-controlled Cellular Manufacturing System

    In this cellular manufacturing system, the parts supply robots pick, align, and supply the parts while the assembly robots assemble the final products using a vision system.

    These factory automation robots support a total cellular manufacturing process that consists of a series of nearly 100 steps, including parts assembly to screwing and finishing.

  • Electronics Industry
    Screwing System Using SCARA

    Screw tightening is a common, frequent task necessary in the assembly process, and it requires accurate positioning and a specified torque. Robots can support workpiece supply for different items on a production line with a variety of screw hole positions.

  • Food Industry
    Packing System Using Parallel Link Robots

    The position and angle of confections on the production line are recognised using a camera, and the handpiece picks the product for packaging in boxes, allowing for high-speed conveyance. Robot versatility enables handling of products with various shapes and sizes.

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The Latest Machine Vision Inspections [Electronic Component/Device Industry]

The Latest Machine Vision Inspections [Electronic Component/Device Industry]
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