What is an Image Dimension Measurement System?
    • Fuss-Free Measurement System that is now becoming the "New Standard“ for the Manufacturing Industry
    • Measurements can be performed automatically
    • There is less or no operator subjectivity
    • Can automatically record data and generate report
    • An all-in-one system from KEYENCE’s IM Series

  • What is the KEYENCE IM Series?

    The Instant Measurement System projects a parts profile and automatically performs measurements in place of conventional or digital comparators, calipers/micrometers, measuring microscopes, and optical CMMs.

  • Place and Press Inspection

    Place up to 100 parts on the stage and measure up to 99 dimensional features on each part at the push of a button for instant part inspection.

  • Eliminate Operator Error

    Utilizing the IM Series' advanced optics and high-speed image processing technology, measurements are now consistent regardless of who's operating the system.

  • Automatic Data Recording and Inspection Reports

    Complete inspection and analysis reports can be automatically saved on the system without having to manually record the data by hand.

  • Spring

  • Lathe Processing

  • Threads

  • Plastic with Toplight

  • Certification for the IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System

    • The IM Series is adopted by thousands of companies worldwide

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IM Series INTRODUCTION TO Image Dimension Measurement

IM Series INTRODUCTION TO Image Dimension Measurement
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