• What is a Digital Microscope?

    • Displays the live image on a monitor with the help of a built-in camera equipped with a magnifying lens
    • Mainly used in Laboratories or Quality Assurance and Research and Development departments
    • Used for both Inspection and Measurement
    • 3 factors that affect the performance of a lens- Depth of field, Numerical Aperture and Aberration
    • View, Capture, and Measure- All from one microscope i.e. KEYENCE Digital microscope
  • 2D Dimension Measurement

    Fully-automated system enabling measurement of a 2D surface

  • Auto Adjust Function

    Automatically adjusts the focus with a 20 times larger depth of field compared to the conventional microscope

  • Optical Shadow Effect Mode

    HD (High-Definition) capturing makes it possible to observe the roughest and most uneven surfaces (surfaces which were impossible to view before)

  • 3D Measurement

    Measures everything from 3D Contours to surface roughness in 3D

  • Certification for the World's first 4K Digital Microscope

    • The VHX Digital Microscope is adopted by over 20,000 companies worldwide

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Digital Microscope Guide Vol.1-Vol.4 [Summarized edition]

Digital Microscope Guide Vol.1-Vol.4 [Summarized edition]
  • [File type]PDF:3.46MB

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