• Scientific Microscope
    VHX-6000 Series

    • Superior analysis through clearer observation
    • Multi-lighting produces images with ultimate clarity & texture
    • Visualize surfaces in 3D
    • Automatic particle counting and analysis

    Read the full details from the Free Microscope General Catalogue.
  • All-IN-ONE Microscope

    • Combining 4 microscopes into 1 system - get the functionality of a stereoscopic, metallurgical, electron and measuring microscope.
    • Adaptive lighting and advanced focusing

  • THE NEW STANDARD for Microscopes

    Enjoy and take advantage of its large depth of field, high image quality, and ease of use. Viewing in multiple angles, on-screen real-time measurement and automatic report generation is possible with the VHX Series.

  • Keep up with the Times
    Make the Switch 

    Looking to convert your old or existing traditional microscope to a digital one? 

    Don't get left behind by the latest microscopy technologies in the industry and start switching to a digital microscope.

Ask us how to make the switch.


VHX-6000 Series Digital Microscope Digest version of catalogue

VHX-6000 Series Digital Microscope Digest version of catalogue

  • [File type]PDF:3.52MB

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