Presence/Absence and Appearance Inspections
Making Impossible Image Processing Tasks Possible

When using a vision system to perform presence/ absence and appearance inspections,
have you ever experienced any of the following problems?

  1. It is necessary to make a program for each inspection item, which requires a lot of man-hours.
  2. Settings have to be modified often due to multiple product types.
  3. When the inspection region requires complicated settings, some sections may be excluded from the inspection.
  4. We cannot deal with variations in good parts.
  5. We haven’t introduced image processing yet, because we have an image that is difficult to set up.
  6. We cannot perform stable inspections.

Auto-Teach Inspection Tool will solve all of these problems easily.
This guide contains various examples of problems being solved, download a copy now.

  • What is an Auto-Teach Inspection Tool?

    The Auto-Teach Inspection Tool uses the camera to learn variations and individual differences that exist in the good parts. It also recognises those that fall outside these parameters as defective parts. 

    This algorithm eliminates unstable elements to successfully guide on-site inspection.

    For more information, download the Technical Guide.


Auto-Teach Inspection Tool Solves Your Problems!!

Auto-Teach Inspection Tool Solves Your Problems!!

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