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Key Applications in the Electronic Industry
This guide is a must-read for anyone in the electronic industry. It provides all the key applications supported by picture illustrations. Don't miss out this complete guide for your next improvement idea.
Sensing Made Simple and Fast
The FS-N40 Fibre Optic Sensor Series has been introduced in the market for a while and we are happy to announce the good feedback and results we have gathered so far. If you haven't seen it, find out more and get a free demo chance too!
Detect & Measure Static & Humidity
Get hold of the pin-point measurement device to ensure your ambient humidity and static are of optimal level. This is also industry's first device that can measure both static and humidity together. Take a quick look.
Acquire Device Data without Increased Costs
·No dedicated PC or software required
·No PLC unit expansion required
·Easy settings with just a single rung ladder

Check out this document to see how easy we have made it to acquire device data.
Contact Sensor that is Low-Cost
Get stable detection even with delicate targets now. The low-stress type contact sensor combines with air-push technology is able to increase productivity without incurring additional cost. Let's find out why.
Get the Entire Chunk of Knowledge!
New version of microscope full guide is finally here. Take a look at information on observation, imaging, depth composition and illumination methods right now in this guide.
A Super Tiny Fan Type Static Eliminator
Besides the size that makes it easier to fit into narrow spaces, the new ionizer is able to confirm elimination process by showing a light. New technology you must explore!
Precision Metal & Electronic Components
The IM-7000 Measurement Series is so popular in the precision metal and electronic industry! Happy customers are our final objective. Find out the reasons of their happiness.
Missed the previous issue? The contents are available below.
A Textbook for Marking and Processing Metal with Lasers
Use Inspections to Decrease Costs
Easier and More Accurate Step Measurements
Highly Reliable Safety Light Curtain
KAIZEN Case Studies,
Code Reader × Food/Pharmaceutical/Cosmetics Industry
More Effective Ways to Use Your Existing Optical Microscopes
PLC: Simple Setup of High-speed Counters
Enable Stable Operation With KEYENCE's Highly Functional Lighting Designed for Vision Systems!
The Debut of an Ionizer Equipped With the Latest Technology for Visualizing Static Electricity
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