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Learn Interesting Functions of Microscope
This guide provides a thorough explanation of digital microscopes accompanied by diagrams. Everything from the basics to advanced functions is covered. Use this guide to learn some interesting functions of microscope.
Simultaneous Dimension Measurement of up to 100 Targets
Capable of 2.5D measurement, the Image Dimension Measurement System IM Series is capable of measuring up to 100 targets at once. Measurement is also simple with users required only to align the targets and press a button. This drastically improves measurement efficiency.
Apparent Benefits of Non-Contact Measurement
Why are many people switching to non-contact measurement systems? This guide explains the advantages of non-contact measurement systems that can improve productivity with application examples.
Traceability in the Electronic Device Industry
Electronic components are manufactured through various processes. In each process, information such as work details, inspection results, dimension data, and material information is linked to the serial information marked on each product. Find out the fastest way to do this process.
Suggestions to Reduce Production Control Costs
This guide is designed to help reduce production line trouble, sensor malfunctions, and component replacement work. Take advantage of stable detection with the highly durable laser sensors to improve on-site performance and reduce costs.
Connect Sensors in Just Two Steps
Step 1. Connect the LAN cable.
Step 2. Select the sensor that you want to connect.
With just these two steps, you can connect your PLC to a KEYENCE sensor, displacement sensor, vision system, or barcode reader with no program required.
LumiTrax™, Brighter than Conventional Lights
The LumiTrax™ system captures images of targets using the newly-developed ultra high-speed camera and ultra high-speed segmented lighting. It eliminates the influences of target variation and ambient light that have prevented stable inspection. Find out more.
100% Safety from Light Curtain
One of the most important elements of a light curtain is whether it is durable and resistant to impacts. Find out more about what most users look for when they purchase a light curtain, and a check list on whether your current safety light curtain is up to standard.
1D & 2D Code Reading
Solve the common problems with autofocus, automatic tuning, automatic polarisation. So simply to use, code reading can be done fast and swift!
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