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March 06, 2017

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A New Breakthrough of Inspection

Machine Vision: Engineer's Know-how Vol. 4
·How can you perform stable detection of printed character even if the state of the characters changes?
·How can you detect subtle surface color changes?

Find the answers to these questions and more by downloading this guide.
Measure 99 Points in 3 Seconds
With the Image Dimension Measurement System IM Series, you can measure up to 99 points in just seconds. Download the catalog to find out how you can drastically reduce the time you spend on dimensional measurements.
The Blue Technology in a Laser Profiler
This 2D laser displacement sensor was the first to adopt the 405 nm blue laser. It contributes to a stable measurement of almost all material and the sharp line ensures higher accuracy than usual. Find out the formula behind the blue laser today.
Tough, Accurate, Easy
A Contact-type Measuring Sensor Designed for Manufacturing Worksites
By considering all of the requests and suggestions from our users, we have designed a sensor to eliminate all the complaints we've received about our measuring sensors. Download the catalog to take a look at this brand-new, contact-type measuring sensor developed by KEYENCE, a leader in the measurement system industry.
Lasers For Resin Marking And Processing, How Do We Start?
Let's start with knowing the principles of contrast marking and the laser light absorption rates for different materials.
Use this text to obtain specialized laser knowledge which can be a good future reference for you and your colleagues.
Techniques for Saving Time by Using a Digital Microscope
Are you using multiple microscopes for different applications in research and analysis? KEYENCE's digital microscope combines the advantages of all these microscopes in a single unit. This enables viewing, image capturing, and measurements to be done all at once!
Barcode Tips and Information
We have gathered many examples of how to make use of barcodes into a set of convenient guides. Check them out for hints on how to improve your productivity and quality.
"What Is a Sensor?"
Fundamental Principles and Features
A wide variety of sensors are available and understanding them all can be a challenge. Use this guide to learn the basics of the detection principles of various sensors and measuring instruments.

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