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Newsletter 2017

October 10, 2017

Subject :

Different Processes: One Vision System

Vision Systems for Different Processes
This specialized guidebook covers how the CV-X series can help in providing stable inspections for different automotive processes:

·Checking of cast materials and metal surfaces
·Rear hatch rubber width control
·Die adhesion inspections
Read It the Auto Way
The SR series code reader can be set up in just 3 simple ways:

·Automatic tuning
·Automatic Polarisation

Feel free to browse through this catalog for more information.
Explore 20 Q&A about IM
Through this guidebook of 20 questions and answers, learn how the IM series Image Dimension Measurement System can perform fast measurements accurately with just "Place, Press, Process".
Best Practices for Height Difference Measurements
This guide explains why the LJ-V series is the optimal device for height difference measurements with the following features:

·Non-contact measurement
·Slant adjustment function
·World's fastest high-speed sampling
Zoom In with Digital Microscope
Discover how the VHX series can improve observation results with application examples and the following advantages:

·Real-time depth composition
·Observable at 0x to 5000x
All-Purpose Laser Sensor
Take this opportunity to understand more about how the LR-Z series can assist to obtain stable detections with below features:

·Best detection ability
·Durable & long life
·Simplified operation
Marking of Electronic Components
Do not hesitate to check out this guide which illustrates how the MD-X series provides high quality marking with efficiency and accuracy for the electronics industry.
Acquire Device Data without Increased Costs
·No dedicated PC or software required
·No PLC unit expansion required
·Easy settings with just a single rung ladder

Check out this document to see how easy we have made it to acquire device data.

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