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Newsletter 2017

October 23, 2017

Subject :

3 Steps, Hundreds of Measurement

3P for Fast Measurement
With just "Place, Press, Process", fast and accurate measurements can be easily obtained. Feel free to browse through for more information on the IM series with application examples.
Safety Comes First
It is important to have sufficient safety precautions in the workplace. This guide introduces the GL-R series which can provide full length protection with below features:

·High power
·Built-in functionality
27 Common Vision Applications
This guide illustrates 27 common vision applications in 7 different industries. Take some time to look through and see if it applies to you.
Direct Marking On Metal Products
Check out this guide which explains why "direct marking" with laser has been attracting attraction with below advantages:

·Permanent marking
·Low running cost
·High quality marking
·Fewer marking errors
Types of Displacement Sensors
This guide contains information on how reflective or thrubeam-type measurement system can help to solve the different applications with features like high-speed, high-accuracy and etc.
Tips for Shortening PLC Debugging Time
Learn about some tips to shorten PLC debugging time via below methods:

·Visualization of high-speed signals
·High-efficiency monitoring/search
Quality Enhancement with Digital Microscope
Are you facing any issue with blurry images? This guide illustrates 3 key methods on how the VHX series can help to improve inspection and product development with below advantages:

·HDR observation
·Fully-focused images
·Image stitching
Back to Sensor Basics
This comprehensive guide contains information on a range of different sensors and measuring instruments with their features. Download now to learn how it can apply to you.

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