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Newsletter 2018

January 02, 2018

Subject :

One Digital Microscope: Various Industries, Various Applications

Latest Microscope Observations and Applications
This guide contains the latest microscope observations and application examples in 12 industries. Feel free to browse through for more information.
Built-In, Multi-Function Camera
Learn about how the built-in, multi-function camera of the laser marker can help to solve various applications with below features:
·Measure distance of marking target
·Display marking target
·Inspect marked characters
·Reading marked codes
High-Speed Laser Displacement Sensor
Check out this guide to find out how
the LK-G displacement sensor can achieve stable in-line measurements of targets with varying colour, material, and surface.
Barcode/2D Code Verification Guidebook
If the barcodes/2D codes are difficult to read, it will hinder productivity. This guide illustrates the different codes verification and their meanings.
The Solution to High Accuracy
Are you facing difficulty in achieving accuracy and improved quality? Find out how the Image Dimension Measurement System can help to eliminate these problems now.
Tips to Improve Product Yield
Erroneous detections in inspection processes can cause delay in productions. With the vision system, automatic quality inspections can be done quickly with high precision.
Advantages of Contact Sensors for Mechanical/Electrical Engineers
High durability reduces the amount of maintenance work required. A wide variety of communication protocols are supported, which shortens the time required for electrical design. This guide clearly explains how the GT2 Series can reduce your costs.
Connect Sensors in Just Two Steps
Step 1. Connect the LAN cable.
Step 2. Select the sensor that you want to connect.
With just these two steps, you can connect your PLC to a KEYENCE sensor, displacement sensor, vision system, or barcode reader with no program required.

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Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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