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Newsletter 2018

January 15, 2018

Subject :

Reasons for Installing Static Eliminators

Choosing the Right Static Eliminator
Static can cause dangers like spark or fire. Learn how the SJ series can help to eliminate static with below advantages:
·Safe design
·Easy to install
·Reduced man-hours
The Time-Saving Machine
Experience fast and accurate measurement results with the Image Dimension Measurement System. It comes with the addition of three new functions:
·Profile extraction illumination
·Light probe unit
·Fully automatic measurement
Reducing Temperature Control Costs
We have prepared specialized temperature control commands for the KV Nano Series. This makes centralized control with a PLC possible without having to use temperature controllers. The previously-difficult tuning of PID parameter settings can now be done automatically. For more details, please download the materials.
Increase Productivity in Marking Process
Check out this guide to know more about how the MD-X series laser marker can improve efficiency of interconnected systems and reduce cycle time with its unique functions.
Stay Safe and Protected
It is important to keep the workplace a safe environment to work in. Do not hesitate to browse through this guide on how the GL-R Series safety light curtain can protect you with below features:
Know-How for Machine Vision
This guide shows how an operation manual for image sensor can be created in a single click and how to quickly adjust the focus and brightness. Find out now.
Keys to Better Inspection
Are you facing any difficulties in obtaining clear images for evaluation?
With the VHX-6000 Digital Microscope, clear images can be captured with the following functions:
·HDR observation
·Fully-focused image
·Wide field-of-view
What Are the Advantages of a Code Reader with a Field of View That Is 4x Larger Than Conventional Products?
This leaflet introduces examples of actual solutions using the Autofocus 1D and 2D Code Reader SR-1000 Series in the automotive, electronic, and food and packaging industries.

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