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          Newsletter 2018

          March 05, 2018

          Subject :

          Static Problems? Here's a Guide to Help

          Know-How Guide for Static Elimination + Electrostatic Handbook
          Use these texts to learn about effective static elimination solutions based on actual examples, from a technical point of view. KEYENCE provides a free service to diagnose on-site generation of static electricity, so contact us if you are interested in taking advantage of this service.
          [NEW] Laser Marker 2D Code Marking Textbook
          This textbook explains the advantages of marking products with 2D codes and also provides the know-how required to perform high-quality marking. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to improve product traceability.
          Fast and Accurate Contaminant and Particle Counting in Cleanliness Inspections
          KEYENCE's Digital Microscope VHX-6000 is equipped with a contaminant analysis function. This function allows the VHX-6000 to count and analyze minute particles quickly and with no variation from one operator to another, based on ISO 16232, while acquiring data over a large area automatically.
          Incredibly Stable Position-Based Sensor
          The LR-T provides reliable detection with its position-based technology. Setup is simple and applications are versatile.
          Vision System Tips and Tricks for Appearance Inspections You Have given up On
          Is it really possible to detect this object?
          This guide is a collection of vision system inspection techniques that can be implemented just by changing illumination and settings.
          Introducing Barcode Readers in the Automotive Industry
          KEYENCE code readers improve workability, improve quality, and reduce costs.
          Deciding Factors for Choosing an Image Dimension Measurement System
          We asked some of our customers why they switched from optical comparators and measuring microscopes to the IM Series of image dimension measurement systems from KEYENCE, as well as what results they have obtained since obtaining the IM Series.
          How to Perform Thickness Measurements More Quickly and Accurately
          Switching from contact to non-contact thickness inspection for products has the following advantages
          ·Reduced inspection takt time
          ·Enables full inspections
          ·Eliminates operator error
          ·Enables highly accurate measurements of soft targets

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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