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Newsletter 2018

April 09, 2018

Subject :

Improve your Quality, Cost and Delivery

Improving Quality, Cost and Delivery
It is important for customers to purchase high quality goods with lower cost and faster delivery time. This article illustrates how the IM series can help to improve quality, cost and delivery with its features.
Why Non-Contact Measurement System?
This guide shows how non-contact measurement system can improve quality and inspection cycle time with below advantages:
·Intuitive and easy to use
·Reduces downtime
·High speed and accuracy
Choosing the Right Static Eliminator
Static can cause dangers like spark or fire. Learn how the SJ series can help to eliminate static with below advantages:
·Safe design
·Easy to install
·Reduced man-hours
100 Image Processing Tricks Based on Real Stable Detection Examples [Preprocessing Edition Vol. 2]
·Edge extraction

This guide will teach you about the types and effective ways to use image enhancement filters, such as those listed above, which process captured images so that they are easier to measure.
Transfer Data between Multiple Devices without Programs
The serial PLC link function of the KV Nano makes it possible to share data between up to 16 devices without using programs. This is vital information for anyone considering a device like the KV Nano, so download it today.
Mark with Superior Flexibility
Do not hesitate to explore this guidebook as it explains how high quality marking is possible with the ML-Z series laser marker. Changeover time is reduced significantly with improved production efficiency.
In-Depth Observation and Analysis
With the VHX series Digital Microscope, clear observation and deep analysis can be done with below features:
·20x greater depth of field
·Image Stitching
·Multi-angle observation
·0.1x to 5000x magnification range
Safeguard your Workplace
The GL series safety light curtain is easy to install and provide full-length protection with the following characteristics:
·High power
·Highly visible indicators

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