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          Newsletter 2018

          May 07, 2018

          Subject :

          Laser Marking: Accurate Positioning and Alignment

          Mark with Accurate Positioning and Alignment
          With the MD-X series laser marker, images are captured using the same axis as the laser for high accuracy positioning. Check out how misalignment can be avoided too.
          Multi-axis Applications for the compact KV Nano Series PLC
          The KV Nano features fast processing speed and short positioning start time, so it can easily perform multi-axis positioning control for devices such as transfer and assembly machines. We have prepared information ranging from motor wiring examples to sample ladder programs, so why not try using the KV Nano today? Download this guide to see how using the KV Nano can bring immediate benefits to your worksite.
          Instant Measurement System with Accuracy
          Instant measurement with high accuracy can be done using the IM-7000 series Image Dimension Measurement System by simply placing the target and pressing the button. Click in to learn more now.
          Scan and Detect with Stability
          The LR-W series full spectrum sensor can perform stable detection of changes in appearance with below characteristics:
          ·Unmatched detection capabilities
          Product Yield Improvement with Vision
          The improvement of yield at production sites is a critical component for increasing a company's profits.
          This document will show how the vision system can help to increase the quality of inspection processes.
          The Full Microscope Guide
          Do not hesitate to browse through the full microscope guide which covers the following topics:
          ·Product concept and imaging technologies
          ·Observation ability
          ·Full-focus imaging & depth composition
          ·Illumination methods
          Error-free Displacement Measurement
          Stable detection can be achieved with the IL series displacement sensor as it comes with below features:
          The 3S to Safety
          The GL-R series safety light curtain is strong, simple and smart. The catalog will show how it can provide protection against workplace hazards.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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