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Newsletter 2018

June 18, 2018

Subject :

One Sensor to Solve them All !

The Sensor that Solves It All
The FS-N40 Series Digital Fibre Optic Sensor comes with below features:
·Highest ever TERA power
·Easy to read OLED display
·Visual innovation

Find out why it can solve all applications.
Highly Versatile Measurement System
The IM-7000 Series Image Dimension Measurement System delivers incredibly fast measurement, eliminates human error and is easy for anyone to operate. Find out now.
10 New Standards for Innovation
This guide illustrates the 10 new standards for innovation when performing microscope observation. Check it out with some application examples.
20 Successful Applications with Vision Systems
This document explains 20 successful applications using the vision system in different industries. Do not hesitate to browse through for more information.
Yield Improvement and Investment Control
In this guide, learn how yield improvement can help to reduce raw material expenses. It also mentions about controlling investment cost for high performance and cost effectiveness.
Mark with High Flexibility and Efficiency
With the ML-Z Series, high quality marking is made possible over a wider area using 3-axis control. Discover the laser marker which comprises of the following advantages:
·Significantly reduce changeover time
·Simplify equipment and improve product efficiency
·Unparalleled quality and precision
All-Purpose Laser Sensor
This catalogue shows how the LR-Z Series sensor can perform both universal change and position-based detection with below characteristics:
·Rugged metal housing
·7-segment LED housing
·Dynamic stability control
Reducing Temperature Control Costs
We have prepared specialized temperature control commands for the KV Nano Series. This makes centralized control with a PLC possible without having to use temperature controllers. The previously-difficult tuning of PID parameter settings can now be done automatically. For more details, please download the materials.

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