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          Newsletter 2018

          July 17, 2018

          Subject :

          Reduce Your Analysis Costs with the VHX Series´╝ü

          Recent Survey Showed Reduction in Analysis Costs as the Top Benefit Gained
          Results also show that users are most impressed by the function of large depth-of-field that allows fully-focused image observation.
          100 Image Processing Tricks Based on Real Stable Detection Examples [Preprocessing Edition Vol. 2]
          ·Edge extraction

          This guide will teach you about the types and effective ways to use image enhancement filters, such as those listed above, which process captured images so that they are easier to measure.
          Metal Industry Seeks Better Marking Quality
          As demand of quality increases, metal industry is now looking into marking machine that can produce permanent marking with no errors.
          Full Consulting Guide for Process After Dispensing
          An increasing number of customers are looking for solutions to inspect adhesives after application with dispensers.
          Acquire Device Data without Increased Costs
          ·No dedicated PC or software required
          ·No PLC unit expansion required
          ·Easy settings with just a single rung ladder

          Check out this document to see how easy we have made it to acquire device data.
          Automotive Industry Introduced Improved Code Reader Operation
          New improment was made through traceability process and error prevention. Cost was reduced and delivery time increased.
          A Contact Sensor That Can be Used 200 Million Times
          Do you think of contact sensors as consumable parts that require maintenance and replacement? KEYENCE has created a durable contact sensor that can be used for 200 million cycles without breaking.
          Water, Oil or Drop Shouldn't Hurt Your Safety Light Curtain
          Safety light curtain needs to be robust enough to sustain rough environment and impact, does your safety light meet the enclosure rating requirement?

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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