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          Newsletter 2019

          November 04, 2019

          Subject :

          The "Do-It-All" Sensor

          All-Purpose Laser Sensor
          This catalogue shows the amazing "Dynamic Stability Control" function in the LR-Z Series sensor, which allows extremely stable detection without frequent maintenance. Especially beneficial if your environment is dusty or dirty.
          The World's First MORF
          The Machine Operation Recorder Function (MORF) allows you to record, replay and analyse easily. Compared to last time where you spend lot of time to find out the root cause of a breakdown, now you can easily pinpoint the problem. Find out more.
          Highly Versatile Measurement System
          The IM-7000 Series Image Dimension Measurement System delivers incredibly fast measurement, eliminates human error and is easy for anyone to operate. Find out now.
          QCD Strategy Using Microscope
          Expectation for quality and speed and both increasing each year. Find out some ways to meet this ever increasing demands now, don't be stressed over it!
          100 Image Processing Tricks Learned from Actual Stable Detection Examples [Preprocessing Edition vol. 1]
          ·Canceling diffuse reflections/uneven lighting
          ·Canceling differences between workpieces

          Check out this guide to learn about these and other tricks. It contains information on the types and uses of "image enhancement filters," which are vital to perform stable inspections.
          Yield Improvement and Investment Control
          In this guide, learn how yield improvement can help to reduce raw material expenses. It also mentions about controlling investment cost for high performance and cost effectiveness.
          Process Improvement from Moulding Machine
          2 commons problem with moulds: time spent to change to a new mould and lower quality of parts over time. Find out how laser cutting can come into this picture and assist in solving these problems.
          The Blinking Receiver Makes Life Easier
          The FS-N40 Series Digital Fibre Optic Sensor comes with a visual innovation that makes alignment, maintenance, replacement and your life a lot easier. The receiver basically comes alive and give guidance. Take a look now.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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