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Newsletter 2020

January 06, 2020

Subject :

Centralized Production Line Monitoring

Techniques for Centralized Monitoring of Production Line Status
This guide introduces methods for centralized monitoring of production lines from a PC. It is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the following topics.
·Remote monitoring
·Data acquisition
VHX Digital Microscope Success Stories
The VHX Series is used by over 20,000 companies around the world. But in what industries, and in which departments, and how?
Learn all about how the VHX Series is being put to use with actual adoption examples.
Essential Equipment Stands for Installing Laser Markers
When laser-marking products, choosing the right stand for the products is absolutely essential.
Read more for a list of stand types categorized by application.
Why Select Laser Profile Measurement Systems for Inline Inspection?
This guide introduces the reasons why KEYENCE laser profile measurement systems are used in applications such as dimension measurements and appearance inspections. Check out this guide to understand the measurement principle and differences with other measurement systems.
[New Product] The Arrival of a Clamp-on Minimal Flow Sensor
Measuring Flows as Small as 0.1 mL From Outside the Pipe
KEYENCE is proud to announce our new series of clamp-on flow sensors that support minimal flows and small apertures.
1. Achieves high accuracy without coming into contact with the fluid; repeatability: ±0.1% of FS
2. Supports various fluids, including those with high viscosity
3. Supports resin (soft/hard) and metal pipes
4. Compact body for minimal space requirements
Tips and Tricks for Selecting the Perfect Vision System!
Image processing systems come in a variety of combinations of cameras, lenses, and lighting, but each combination is designed for a reason.
This guide provides tips and tricks to ensure you select the right vision system.
Using Laser Sensors...The Right Way!
Ever wondered if there is a right and wrong way to use laser sensors?
Learn the correct way to use laser sensors and prevent false detections.
One-stop Solutions for Traceability Systems from KEYENCE
KEYENCE provides solutions for 2D codes that enable both fast and clear marking and accurate and stable reading. We hope you will take a look at this guide to learn the advantages that are possible when you work with a company that can provide solutions for both marking and reading.
Fast, High-Quality Manufacturing
When it comes to manufacturing, the ability to create high-quality products quickly is essential. The IM Series is the perfect solution for doing so. Just place and press to obtain micrometer-level measurements on-site in as little as 3 seconds.