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Newsletter 2020

January 20, 2020

Subject :

"Just Place and Press" - Fuss-Free Measurement

Just Place and Press to Perform Micrometer-level Contact and Non-contact Measurements
Just place and press to perform non-contact measurements using images and contact measurements using a probe at the same time. Micrometer-level measurements of products with a wide variety of appearances and materials are also possible.
Low Flow Monitoring + Clamp-on Design for Various Applications
Micro Flow Sensor FD-X Series
The FD-X Series can be used in a wide variety of applications in a wide range of manufacturing worksites.
1. Checking dispensing/filling amounts without contacting liquids
2. Checking spraying/coating amounts without causing pressure drops
3. Checking coolant/mold release agent amounts with easy installation
4. Checking lubricant flow amounts with no construction downtime required
Deploying a Reliable Machine Vision System
These days, image processing systems are vital in automating manufacturing processes. All over the world, people are raving about the image processing systems that KEYENCE has developed with a focus on letting everyone easily use the latest technology!
Why Is 2D Code Marking on Products Increasing?
In recent years, there has been a sudden increase in the management of 2D codes on products. This guide provides a detailed explanation of everything from the significance of 2D codes to laser marking know-how.
A Collection of KEYENCE's Latest Difference Checking Sensors That Can Perform Management with Numeric Values
KEYENCE has released contact sensors that can perform batch management of measured data with various types of communication. Traceability can be implemented with simplified wiring. See this guide for more information.
Why Select Laser Profile Measurement Systems for Inline Inspection?
This guide introduces the reasons why KEYENCE laser profile measurement systems are used in applications such as dimension measurements and appearance inspections. Check out this guide to understand the measurement principle and differences with other measurement systems.
More Effective Use of 2D Codes
Check out Basic Practice of 2D Codes, the most popular barcode-related material from KEYENCE!
[New Product] Now on Sale: VHX-7000 4K Digital Microscope
This is the long-awaited release of a new product in the VHX Series, which has been used by 20,000 companies around the world. This microscope has impressive resolution and operability. We hope that you will check out this guide.
A New Proposal: Robots × IoT
This is a new proposal for anyone who wants to visualize robots. Let KEYENCE bring you IoT solutions that are only possible with the KV thanks to its simple connection settings and compatibility with a wide range of networks.