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Newsletter 2020

May 04, 2020

Subject :

KAIZEN Ideas using Barcode Readers

Let's KAIZEN with SR-1000
Barcode readers are widely used on manufacturing lines in a variety of industries, including the automobile, food, drug, cosmetic, and electronic device industries. Browse through this short guide for a quick overview of KAIZEN examples.
Perform Better Height Measurement Easily
The LJ-V High-Speed Laser Scanner gives a super-fast non-contact measurement for your target, ensuring there is no damage to your samples. Find out how is it done so easily.
3 Steps: Select a Vision System
See this selection flow from "camera" to "lens" and "lighting" for any vision system. Take note of some of the key points to prevent from choosing the inappropriate ones.
VHX 6000 vs 7000
Find out the new differences in the latest VHX-7000 Series from the previous edition. What has been added in and what you can benefit from it, find out more now!
Advanced Graphics for Your Touch Panel
Take full advantage of the display area in your touch panel now. Using 16 mil colors and high-resolution XGA, even fine prints can be clearly displayed now.
Sensor Basic Tech Book
Learn the basic for different types of sensors and when to do it. Treat this as a good reference for future too!
Precision and Electronic Parts Measurement
Measurement in the precision or electronics industry needs to be fast, accurate and consistent. The IM-Series does this easily. And best still, you can measure up to 100 pieces simultaneously in few seconds.
Traceability in the Electronic Device Industry
Electronic components are manufactured through various processes. Laser markers are often used to perform traceability process to store info and link it to a serial number or code. See more of this process today.
Mastering Vision Sensors in 7 Steps
Browse through some of the secrets to make your vision sensors perform even better. You might even see some special effects from there!