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Newsletter 2020

June 01, 2020

Subject :

100 Tips for Stable Machine Vision Inspections

100 Image Processing Tricks Based on Real Stable Detection Examples [Preprocessing Edition Vol. 2]
· Blur
· Edge extraction

This guide will teach you about the types and effective ways to use image enhancement filters, such as those listed above, which process captured images so that they are easier to measure.
Tiny Little Static Eliminator
After hearing feedback from numerous customers, our research team came out with a small ionizer that can fit into narrower space. Now you don't have to worry about the mounting issue if you want to solve static problem.
Microscopy in Medical Industry
Medical Industry is now working hard to produce the highest quality for us. Take a look at how microscopy plays a part in this industry.
PLC coming with the Machine Operation Recorder Function allows you to ease the troubleshooting process. Instead of losing time to search for the root cause, the function replays the process and you can immediately find the remedy.
Measurement in Precision & Electronics Industry
See the case studies and actual examples of how the IM-7000 Series has helped to improve the measurement process in the Precision and Electronics Industry.
My Barcode Reader Doesn't Work?
Wondering what is the reason behind the glitch you kept facing when you are using your barcode reader? Find out some of the possible answers in this guide.
Cost Reduction from Marking
Never thought that laser marking will be helping you to save cost? Find out the actual cost you incur in the long run from laser marking and you may be surprised at how much you can save.
Most Versatile Fibre-Optic Sensor
This fibre-optic sensor was introduced after numerous years of research. The features address the conventional problems such as maintenance, speed, power etc of a sensor. Take a look today.