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          Newsletter 2020

          September 28, 2020

          Subject :

          A Fiberoptic Sensor Designed through the Pursuit of Reliability and Ease of Use

          A Fiberoptic Sensor Designed through the Pursuit of Reliability and Ease of Use
          The new standard for photoelectric sensors:

          - TERA power
           The newly developed LED module greatly improves basic performance.
          - Built-in OLED display
           This enables easy-to-understand display in both English and Chinese.
          - Indicator installed on the fiber unit
           Operation can be checked just with the fiber unit, with no need to view the amplifier.
          Learning from the Electric Vehicle Industry: Contact Sensor Application Examples for Electric Vehicles
          In the growing electric vehicle market, adopting sensors that can handle new production methods is essential. See how KEYENCE’s GT2 Series, with a proven track record in manufacturing, is being put to use in today’s factories.
          Just Place and Press — The New Standard of “Smart Factories”
          Measuring with the IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System is as simple as placing the target and pressing a button. Even complicated measurements can be completed instantly.
          The IM Series also makes it possible to share measurement results over the Net.
          Techniques for Shortening PLC Debugging Time
          PLC debugging time can be improved with minor adjustments. This guide contains tips for shortening the time by way of visualization of high-speed signals, monitoring and searching, and use of simulators.
          Examples of Laser Marking on Medical Instruments with 16 Applications!
          Traceability marking on medical devices such as scalpels, syringes, and catheters requires improved chromogenic properties and low product damage. This guide uses installation examples to explain the advantages of laser marking.
          What Functions Are Required for Inline Dimensional Measurement?
          While there are needs for high speed in inline dimensional measurement, stable accuracy is also necessary. See this guide for details on the fastest laser displacement sensor in the world that offers both of these characteristics that usually conflict at a high level.
          A Fixed Code Reader That Can Meet the Needs for Barcode and 2D Code Applications
          The food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries are seeing increases in the applications of barcodes and 2D codes. This guide introduces examples of applications of KEYENCE’s code reader that can meet the latest market needs in these industries, where regulations are becoming stricter with each passing year.
          A Top Choice Throughout the World!
          Even as the number of companies with global production bases continue to rise, problems due to differences in the services and systems available in the different countries remain. Discover how KEYENCE bucks the trend with reliable image processing system availability in all corners of the world.
          A Must-read for Anyone Considering a Microscope!
          This guide will teach you about 10 new standards for innovation in microscope observation. Discover the reasons why microscope observation is necessary and new standards related to usage. Please use this guide as a reference!

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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