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          Newsletter 2020

          November 16, 2020

          Subject :

          The Best High-Precision Sensors For You

          Measurement Application Guide: Position Control
          Simplify your measurement sensor selection process with this simple guide featuring position control functions.
          A Sensor That Measures Static Electricity + Humidity Simultaneously!
          Because static electricity and humidity are correlated, it is important to ensure that ambient humidity is sufficient to suppress static charges in the workplace. For example, when humidity exceeds 60% RH, static charge is less likely to accumulate.
          4K Microscope Performance Review
          This informative technical guide will show you a short summary of the differences in performance and capabilities between the VHX-5000 and
          the new VHX-7000 digital microscope. Major improvements have been implemented in response to the requests received from VHX-5000 users.
          Intuitive PLC Programming Techniques
          PLC programming has become intuitive by fusing the methods of Ladder Programming and Script Programming. This set of technical guides shows you how PLC calculation/character string handling can be programmed more quickly with application examples!
          Vision System that is Equipped with Easy-To-Use Functions!
          Based on the know-how accumulated over numerous successful applications,
          the CV-X Series has materialized numerous important functions that can be easily used by anyone. This technical guide introduces these user-friendly and intuitive functions with the user’s point of view in mind.
          Create Inspection Reports in an Instant!
          An “Instant Measurement” System that gives you "Instant Measurement Inspection" Reports effortlessly, without neglecting the issue where the time taken by hand recording is too long, human error issues, and troublesome creation of statistical data and histograms. Get this guide to learn more!
          For Production Site Demands in the 5G Era
          The proliferation of high-speed, high-capacity communication has brought about new services and increased the pace of market change, especially in the 5G Era. Meeting this demand requires processes that can shorten manufacturing cycles, cause fewer temporary stops, and ensure safety and quality.
          Laser Marker Predictive Maintenance & Troubleshooting Software
          A large number of factors could lead to problems, making it difficult to immediately find the cause or prevent it in advance.
          The new MD-X series functions with predictive maintenance through self-monitoring, providing immediate solutions through self-diagnosis.
          Easy and Reliable
          This short brochure is packed with information on the most reliable and user-friendly code readers, safety light curtains, and sensors. Check it out now!

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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