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Newsletter 2020

November 30, 2020

Subject :

Place, Press, and Process in Just 3 Seconds!

Fully Automatic Dimensional Measurement System
Amazing features that benefits you and your process with consistency.
- Place-&-press measure in just 3 seconds
- Automatic data management
- Easy to use even for inexperienced operators
- On-site reliability and performance
- Global support for international reliability
Achieving Higher Productivity in your Marking Process
As laser marking has become more prevalent in manufacturing environments, the need to integrate these lasers using common communication protocols has arisen. This document describes the unique functions that are possible with this laser marker, together with case studies of its use.
Tips for Shortening PLC Debugging Time
3 Methods to Debug your PLC Faster by the Seconds!
- Shorten time via visualization of high-speed signals
- Shorten time via high-efficiency monitoring/search
- Shorten time using simulators
The Latest Image Processing Applications
One system does it all! Reliable solutions for all inspection needs. From Multi-Spectrum image capture to Vision-Guided Robots, check out the multitude of applications here.
Digital Microscopes on Medical Technology and Pharmaceutics
What can the VHX do for the medical technology sector?
KEYENCE has been creating digital microscopes for over 30 years.
Feedback from current customers goes in to each iteration in order to continuously provide a product that allows users to solve problems faster.
Techniques for Mastering Vision Sensors
Use the most of your vision sensors by using functions like position adjustment, masking, color filters, and more. Find out the secrets of stable detection here!
Laser Displacement Sensor Technology Book
Learn more about Laser Displacement Sensors and the technology behind it in this short and informative guide book.
Basic Practice of 2D Codes (Vol.1)
In this volume, learn about the types of 2D codes and its structure. This knowledge can improve your understanding of how 2D codes work.
Facts about Self-Contained Laser Sensor
With KEYENCE Distance-based Reflective Sensors, you can stably detect even the most difficult targets that is not possible with Ordinary Reflective Sensors, like...
- Shiny Targets
- Black Targets
- Round Targets
- Liquid Level Targets
- Multi-Color Targets