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Newsletter 2021

April 19, 2021

Subject :

Endless KAIZEN Opportunities with Contact Sensors!

29 Varieties of Contact Sensors for Automobile KAIZEN
Get to know where and how you can use KEYENCE contact sensors to greatly improve your automotive manufacturing process! Check out this guide for some great examples and sample applications.
Accelerating the Analysis in the Industry
With KEYENCE latest Digital Microscope,
VHX-7000 series, there are a huge range of lens magnifications, 2D & 3D display with measurement capabilities and more, all in one system, which will accelerate the analysis in any industry!
High-precision In-Line Measurements
Conducting high-precision measurements during production can be a challenging task, especially if the tolerances are strict. Check out this guide to see how KEYENCE measurement sensors do this easily, with some examples.
2D Codes for Traceability
Have you start using 2D codes for Traceability? 2D codes can hold tens to hundreds of times more information than 1D barcodes. Learn how Laser Marker can produce smaller and better quality markings according to industry's requirement.
Let's KAIZEN with the SR-1000 Code Reader!
Barcode readers are widely used on manufacturing lines in a variety of industries,
including the automobile, food, drug, cosmetic, and electronic device industries.
Check out this guide for a quick overview of KAIZEN examples including Before and After situations.
Accurate Dimensional Measurements Lead To Improved Processing Levels!
Just place and press to measure height difference, hole pitch, width, hole diameter, and position. Image Dimension Measurement System, IM Series makes it possible to have measurement up to 99 Dimensions in Just 3 Seconds!
Cut Labor Costs and Product Recalls
Vision Systems are a great way to conduct automatic and consistent visual inspections during production. Learn more about the benefits of switching from conventional inspection methods to KEYENCE CV-X Vision Systems.
KV-8000 Series Devices for Robot IoT Support
The next-generation of PLC supports you with various field networks to connect to robot in just a 2-step configuration of communication settings. See the reasons to use
KV-8000 Series devices for Robot IoT support in this guidebook.
Providing the Optimum Solution for Common Safety Issues
Safety is a crucial topic in any aspect, especially in the production line. This guideline will show you how simple it can be to implement and solves common safety issues.