TR-H/TR-W Performance software (firmware)

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Method of version confirmation

Confirm the version on the start screen after turning on TR-H/TR-W. If the version is R2.04.00, update is not necessary.

Required preparations
  • TR-H Series main unit//TR-W Series main unit

  • USB memory


Do not turn off power of TR-H/TR-W when updating.
Measurement data, the results of check list, logging data, report data, and snapshot data located inside the buffer memory will not be cleared. However, save the necessary measurement data in USB memory or PC beforehand as a precaution.
As to the USB memory or the measurement data which is saved before updating, rename each data file or move the file to the different folders. In some cases the data files of the same name are overwritten and deleted.
Special attention is needed when using the difference copy function or FTP file transfer function.
The configuration of measurement, device, alarm directions, check list are not cleared; however, please save the necessary configuration in USB memory or PC beforehand as a precaution.
As to saving the conditions of measurement for switching the configuration, use FTP or file share function. Refer to the user’s manual for more information.
When updating TR performance software, also update THERMO PRO V (TR-H1) to the latest version. If not, it may not work properly.

The method of update:
  • Download the update files.

      (1)Create a new folder on the hard disk.

        Click the right mouse button on desktop. Choose “folder” in “new document” from pull-down menu, and “a new folder” is created. Name the “new folder” discretionally.

      (2)Click “Download” button on download site, and the dialog indicating “File download” will be displayed.

      (3)Click ”Save” button in “File download”, and the dialog indicating “Save As…” will be displayed.

      (4)Specify the folder that was created in step (1) in “save location” and click “Save” button. Then TRHWUp20400.EXE will be downloaded.

      (5)Execute downloaded TRHWUp20400.EXE. Double click on TRHWUp20400.EX will open the dialog for inputting the address of the unzipping folder. Specify the folder that was created earlier in “Reference” button and click “OK.”

      (6)Clicking “decompression” button and decompressing will be started.

      (7)If decompressing is completed properly, the file below will be created in the specified folder. The extension may not be displayed depending on PC configuration.


      (8)Copy the file that was created on step (7) to USB memory.

        Insert USB memory to PC and open it.
        Copy the file (TR_UPDATE.BIN) to the root folder in USB memory. Root folder is
        located directly beneath USB memory. If USB memory is located in E drive, it is in「E:\」
        Pull USB memory out from PC.

  • Install the update software to TR-H/TR-W.

      (1)Turn off power of TR-H/TR-W and insert USB memory.

      (2)Turn on the power as holding down “MENU” and “P-LOCK” key on TR-H/TR-W at once. When “Update Mode…” screen is displayed, release your fingers from the keys. After about 20 seconds, “Perform Update?” screen will be displayed.

      (3)Confirm the current version number and the new version number on the screen.

      (4)If there is no problem, touch “YES” button, and update will be started. Touch “No” button will cancel the operation.

      (5)If “Update completed” is displayed after “Now Updating…”, the operation is complete. Pull out the USB memory and restart.

      (6)Confirm the version that is indicated on the startup screen. If Version R2.04.00 is displayed, the update was completed successfully.

History on major alterations and corrections
  • [Changes from R2.03 to R2.04] '14/5/26
    Fixed bugs
    The problem that scale reading of cursor was inaccurate was fixed.
    Change was made that the print waveform is always recorded at minimum resolution.
    (Not connected with the resolution of number display)

  • [Changes from R2.02 to R2.03] '13/10/30
    Changed Items
    The limitation on Compaction display of channels and groups was modified.
    Corresponding area for dot printing was modified
    The time to automatic stop was changed from transit time to recording time.
    The limitation of printing past data in onset was modified.
    The limitation of dot print cycle and sampling rate combination was modified.
    The limitation of printing manual and setting list printing was modified.

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