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          Lenses (for Machine Vision)

          CA-L series

          • LENS Selection Guide

          LENS Selection Guide

          Fixed focal length lens CA-LHR CA-LHE CA-LH CA-LHW CA-L

          Macro lens CA-LMHR CA-LMHE CA-LM CA-LM CA-LM CA-LHW/CA-LHL/CA-LM Series

          Camera model interaction chart
          • The roundness of the lens series icons in the charts is a simple expression of the amount of TV distortion.
          • WD indicates working distance when each lens is used at reference magnification, so the WD will be changed when magnification is adjusted.
          • Select a lens whose resolution and image circle specifications exceed those of the camera. In more detail, select a lens whose supported image circle is larger than the image circle of the camera. Select a lens whose resolution is higher than the unit cell size of the camera.

          • LENS Selection Guide

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