KEYENCE microscopes are the only products we offer for use away from a production line. While many customers purchasing microscopes are manufacturers, our microscopes are typically used for research and development or failure analysis applications. Our digital microscopes are capable of displaying a 3D image of the target. The image can also be manipulated or used to make a measurement of the target feature being viewed. Our color laser scanning microscope offers ultra-high accuracy thanks to the use of a unique violet laser. This innovative laser microscope approaches the accuracy and resolution of an SEM microscope at a far lower cost and without destroying the target.

Digital Microscope

  • Large depth-of-field
  • 0.1x - 5,000x magnification range
  • 360 degree observation
  • 2D/3D imaging and measurement capability, including automated measurement tools
  • Motorized XYZ control
  • High-speed image stitching
  • High Resolution HDR [High Dynamic Range]
  • Real-time Depth composition function for full-focus imaging
  • 18 million pixels × 3CMOS camera