At KEYENCE, we are committed to adding value to your career. Only through continuous employee development can we strengthen our organization and continue as a global leader. As a new employee, your career will begin with a thorough understanding of our company, our core values and what differentiates us from other companies. Why is KEYENCE committed to developing your career? Since we value success and experience within KEYENCE and promote accordingly, your development is our priority. Who does KEYENCE promote? The best. We never promote based on seniority. We promote those who realize high added value, lead by example and share the KEYENCE philosophy.

Sales Training Programs

Our comprehensive sales training provides:
1. Extensive classroom instruction on our products, their applications, and the relevant industries.
2. Hands-on training led by experienced application engineers and sales directors.
3. Collaborative learning with peer interaction.
4. Product demonstration training and formal role plays with our successful KEYENCE sales engineers.
5. Formal mentorship program and coaching to reinforce product and application training and strengthen sales skills.
6. Job-shadowing with sales engineers from offices around the country and joint sales calls to customer sites.

Corporate Training Programs

Each department designs a specialized corporate training program to develop employees who are knowledgeable in all aspects of their role within the organization.
1. Formal mentorship program enabling new employees to learn from experienced employees.
2. Training program tailored to the specific roles and responsibilities of each position.

Management Development Program

Our management development program uses merit-based consideration to develop current employees with critical leadership skills. Through this program, employees will:
1. Enhance their understanding of all aspects of the company, including global initiatives.
2. Be immersed in all aspects of KEYENCE business, including the functions and responsibilities of each corporate department and sales division, enabling participants to suggest improvements.
3. Receive formal mentorship and guidance from upper level managers.
4. Aid in the goal setting and goal progress meetings with upper management; and
5. Receive project management training.

Continuous Training and Development

1. KEYENCE Philosophy Training.
2. KEYENCE Skill Development Program.
3. Continuous, hands-on product training as new, cutting-edge products are released.
4. Certificate programs for relevant technologies.
5. Sales and Corporate Award and recognition programs to recognize individual and group performances.
6. Inter-office shadowing opportunites with top performers.