Customers from a variety of industries and manufacturing environments use our versatile sensor products to detect the presence or absence of an entire part or just a particular feature of that part. Our measurement products are used to determine the size or magnitude of a particular part or feature with unbeatable accuracy. As more and more factories seek to remain competitive by automating their processes, the market for the KEYENCE sensors and measurement products is rapidly growing. KEYENCE distinguishes itself from our competitors by offering the most durable and versatile products while constantly improving our already industry-leading technology. Our commitment to developing the best technologies in automation leads to new product releases consistently accounting for 30% of KEYENCE’s annual sales.

Fibreoptic Sensors

Simple but Precise

  • Complete Setting in Just One Click
  • Automatic Maintenance
  • High Power Reduces Labour Hours
  • Beam - 250x Conventional Model [World’s Most Powerful]
  • Detects Wire as Small as ø0.6μm [World’s Most Accurate]
  • Ambient-Light Resistance: 30,000 Lux [World’s Highest]

Laser Displacement Sensor

High-Speed, High-Accuracy CMOS Laser Displacement Sensors

  • Sampling Speed of 392 kHz [World’s Fastest]
  • Accuracy of ±0.02% [Industry Best]
  • Resolution of 0.01μm [Best-in-Class]
  • Multifunctional Controller with Simple, Menu-driven software
  • Connect up to 12 Sensor Heads / Network Capable

Image Dimension Measurement System

A Breakthrough in Dimensional Measurement

  • Measure the Previously Unmeasurable
  • Sub-Pixel Measurement Accuracy
  • Instantaneous Batch Measurements at 99 Points
  • Positioning is no Longer Necessary

Safety Light Curtain

Heavy-duty, No Dead Zone

  • Visible/Identifiable Indicator
  • Edge-to-Edge Detection Zone
  • State Information Output
  • Tough, Water-Proof Model
  • All-in-One - Built-in Controller