LED Lighting Vision System Peripheral Equipment CA-D Series

Spot LightsLED Spot lights save space and provide lighting to a specified point/area.


Alignment of a glass plate

Using the CA-DP spot light in combination with the macro lens enables clear detection of scribed registration marks for consistent alignment.

Examples of combinations
with the C-mount lens adapter for spot lights (OP-87896)

Attaching a C-mount lens adapter (OP-87896) to the tip of a spot light enables more varied applications.

Vertical axis: Spot diameter/Horizontal axis: LWD
A combination with an image processing lens enables highly uniform and clear spot light.

Vertical axis: Spot diameter/Horizontal axis: LWD/Unit: mm
The graph represents the range in which the spot light can be used with guaranteed brightness. Check in advance whether the brightness is actually sufficient.

A combination with a telecentric lens makes it possible to also use the spot light as a parallel light source.

Telecentric back light image

A sharp image in which there is no wraparound light can be obtained.

Light source back light image

The edges are unclear due to the light reflected by the screw surface.