(for Machine Vision)
Vision System Peripheral Equipment CA-L Series

Distortion-Free, VPR-Equipped, Telecentric Macro LensHigh-performance telecentric macro lens supporting 2/3" images and 5 megapixels

VPR equipped

With conventional telecentric macro lenses, the selections were limited and depended on the characteristic optical magnifications of the lenses. The VPR (Variable Pixel Resolution) mechanism not only makes it possible to select lenses intuitively according to the pixel resolution but also brings a level of freedom to the range over which optical magnification can be adjusted.

  • * These lenses are designed with optical magnification to match 5 megapixels (3.45 μm/pixel) and 2 megapixels (4.4 μm/pixel).

Distortion free

All models have a TV distortion of 0.02% or lower. This reduces distortion to 0.25 pixels or less over the entire image even for a 5 megapixel camera. These lenses are the perfect choice for a wide range of applications from dimension measurement to alignment.

The entire screen is free of distortion, and high-resolution images can be obtained.

Ultra high-resolution design

These lenses have been designed with consistently high resolution not only in the centre of the image but on its periphery as well. Even with a unit cell size of 3.45 μm/pixel, every part of the screen exhibits high resolution and contrast.


Even for the most detailed part of the chart, sufficient contrast between the white and black lines is obtained.


Because the resolution is insufficient, the contrast is extremely low, which makes it impossible to sufficiently recognise the edges.