Compound Microscope

What is a Compound Microscope?

Compound microscopes use a series of lenses to magnify an image of an object. A specimen is collected and positioned on the stage directly underneath the objective lens, which is the one closest to the sample. A high-powered light source, sometimes located underneath the stage, illuminates the specimen. The objective lens spreads the light out so that the image appears larger. Additional lenses inside the optical path magnify the image even further. Compound light microscopes are used for a variety of applications to observe and inspect multiple types of samples, including:

  • Biological: Primarily used to observe cells, tissues, and other types of biological specimens
  • Metallurgical: Used to observe cross-sections of metal targets to inspect for defects and other purposes
  • Polarised illumination: Features a filtering crystal that focuses light in a fixed direction to reduce reflections on the specimen's surface for a clearer image
  • Phase contrast imaging: Used for colourless and transparent specimens, this instrument enhances contrast for easier viewing

Fully Featured to Meet Your Needs

Our range of compound microscopes feature some of the most advanced technology found anywhere. For example, our professional compound microscopes include multiple lenses with high-power magnification capabilities ranging from 20x to 6000x. Unlike a conventional monocular compound microscope or binocular compound microscope, KEYENCE's microscopes do not feature eyepieces. Instead, the image is output directly to a digital screen for easier viewing and communication.
The versatility of these devices makes them indispensable in a variety of laboratories and other environments. In addition, their ability to produce images of target samples in 4K ultra-HD resolution means they can deliver the highest-quality imaging. Plus, because they are fully automated, users don't have to waste time adjusting the focus or locating targets.

The KEYENCE Difference

When you buy a compound microscope from KEYENCE, you gain an instrument that goes above and beyond what you can find from other manufacturers. For example, in addition to the standard manual adjustment knobs, these professional compound microscopes come equipped with fully-automated adjustment systems that make it easier to locate and focus on your target. In addition, our high-performance illumination technology enables users to take advantage of various lighting effects and brightness levels. The included external viewing screens also make it convenient and easy to see images up close and share them with others.