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Newsletter 2021

January 04, 2021

Subject :

Solutions to Height Difference Measurement Problems

Inline Height Difference and Shape Measurements
Non-contact measurement guarantees that the target isn’t scratched, and misalignments are adjusted automatically. With instant measurement, the LJ-V7000 Series allows for inline 100% inspections that are fast and accurate.
Struggling with Measurements Using Optical Comparators and Measuring Microscopes?
The IM-7000 Series Image Dimension Measurement System solves problems such as long measurement times and varying measurement results between operators. Just place and press to complete measurements in 3 seconds.
Easy 2D Code Data Output to PCs
This USB communication unit enables presentation scanning. Just connect the code reader to a PC to easily transfer data, taking far less time than conventional methods.
A Must-Read Guide if You are Considering Marking Products for Traceability
Marking, reading and data management - this guide not only contains information on these topics related to Laser Marking, but also includes details on the peripheral equipment required for traceability, as well as configuration examples and basic knowledge of the system.
A Guide for Using a PLC and Cameras to Immediately Isolate the Cause of Problems!
Recording equipment data together with camera images makes it possible to efficiently isolate the causes of problems into the following categories: operator, mechanical component, or software.
Useful in Increasing Production of 5G-related Components! Introducing Examples Showcasing Automation through the Use of Vision Systems!
All over the world, 5G products are becoming extremely popular. This is driving an increasing need for automation in order to increase the production of the components used within such products. See this guide for examples of applications of vision systems in the electronic component/device industry, which has an especially deep connection to 5G.
Using Microscopes for Electric Vehicles
Introducing the advantages of using microscopes for development and quality control of essential E-mobility components such as ECUs, inverters, batteries, and motors.
Ionizer Application Examples: Visualizing Static Elimination Effects
Concerned about not being able to see the effectiveness of your static eliminator?
KEYENCE ionizers include an electrostatic charge monitor for easily checking the effects of static elimination.
Fiberoptic Sensors with Improved Reliability and Ease of Use
Perform detections reliably in any situation.
- TERA power
The newly developed LED module produces power levels 1650 times that of conventional models.
- Built-in organic LED (OLED) display
Operations can be performed easily without having to refer to an instruction manual.
- Indicator installed on the fiber unit
Operation can be checked with just the fiber unit. There is no need to view the amplifier.