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Newsletter 2021

January 11, 2021

Subject :

All-in-One Inspection Solutions for Every Need

One System Does It All! - Reliable Solutions For All Inspection Needs
Learn all the latest image processing applications for automotive parts here.
With functions like multi-spectrum image capture, vision-guided robots, LumiTrax™, and more all packaged in one convenient system, finding solutions for your inspection requirements has never been easier.
Full-Field Auto-Focus Laser Marker
The evolution of Laser Markers was the evolution of Focusing. Now you can have new ways to pursue reliability in Laser Marking processes, that will detect and automatically correct its distance and position so you can mark and inspect within a single unit!
Increased needs for traceability and code readers in the electronic device industry
It is now common to see codes marked directly on difficult-to-read workpieces such as those that are small or that have curved or mirror surfaces. This has led to increased needs throughout the supply chain for code readers with higher reading accuracy and for new products that can evaluate code quality.

KEYENCE’s barcode/2D code readers provide AUTO ID solutions that meet the latest needs of the market.
Safety Support Guide Book
Safety is becoming more essential than before as the industry is moving faster into Industrial 4.0! Get this Guide Book to learn how to have simple Risk Assessment steps for your Machine Design Process, so that you can install Safety Light Curtain Sensor correctly.
Maximizing your Digital Microscope
This Guide Book will shows you some Image Analysis Examples on how you can maximize your Digital Microscope, and it will assist you to enhance your analysis processes too. Download now and empower your knowledge!
The Science of Vibration Measurement
Know more about the science of laser displacement sensor settings, important concepts, and other basic knowledge required when measuring vibration using laser displacement sensors employing semiconductor laser technology in this short guide.
Innovative Inspection Technology to Increase Productivity
Are you facing these common problems with your Dimensional Measurements Tools?
- Measurement time too long
- Inconsistent measurement results
- Complicated to learn
This Guide Book will show you how
IM-7000 Series solves these problems by consolidating conventional tools into one, single system.
Intuitive Programming Techniques
Have you ever wonder how PLC calculation/character string handling can be programmed quicker! With the fusion of ladder and script, your programming will become simpler, much clearer and easier to understand.
Techniques for Mastering Vision Sensors
Learn the secrets of stable detection in this short guide.
This is a compilation of helpful, user-friendly tips like position adjustment, masking, using live colors, and rotation adjustments for a smoother and more efficient troubleshooting and tool set-up.