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Newsletter 2021

February 08, 2021

Subject :

Techniques for Speeding Up Programming [PLC Guide]

Speed Up PLC Programming Skills Guide
Get this guide to learn some easy techniques to skill up and speed up your programming according to different scenarios.
- How to speed up by programming manually freely
- How you can program intuitively and fast
- How easy functions can increase your programming speed
- How you can speed up your positioning program via easy function
Digital Microscope Justification Guide
Along the years, many customers have feedback the benefits from implementing a digital microscope, which one of it is Cost-Savings. This guide will introduce the cost-saving effect of implementing a Digital Microscope.
A True Do-It-All Sensor!
This is a sensor that stand as the perfect combination of simplicity and performance, which is possible through the innovative Universal Change Detection Function (U.C.D.), which monitors changes in both position and intensity to provide reliable and stable detection with ease.
One System Does It All! - Reliable Solutions For All Inspection Needs
Learn all the latest image processing applications for automotive parts here. With functions like multi-spectrum image capture, vision-guided robots, Lumi Trax™, and more all packaged in one convenient system, finding solutions for your inspection requirements has never been easier.
All about Image Dimension Measurement System
The Image Dimension Measurement System,
IM Series, is a completely innovative measuring instrument that completes dimension measurement instantly by just “place-and-press” operation. This brochure contains answers to the questions from our customers who are considering the introduction of the IM Series.
Automatic Focal Point and Position Correction
Introducing the World's First Laser Marker with Full-Field Auto-Focus! The First Laser Marker that let you have the flexibility to have a wider range of size and broader field of view to perform your laser marking tasks.
Increased needs for traceability and code readers in the electronic device industry
It is now common to see codes marked directly on difficult-to-read workpieces such as those that are small or that have curved or mirror surfaces. This has led to increased needs throughout the supply chain for code readers with higher reading accuracy and for new products that can evaluate code quality. KEYENCE’s barcode/2D code readers provide AUTO ID solutions that meet the latest needs of the market.
The Science of Vibration Measurement
Know more about the science of laser displacement sensor settings, important concepts, and other basic knowledge required when measuring vibration using laser displacement sensors employing semiconductor laser technology in this short guide.