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Newsletter 2021

February 22, 2021

Subject :

One System for All inspection Needs

One System Does It All! - Reliable Solutions For All Inspection Needs
Learn all the latest image processing applications for automotive parts here. With functions like multi-spectrum image capture, vision-guided robots, Lumi Trax™, and more all packaged in one convenient system, finding solutions for your inspection requirements has never been easier.
Back to Basics...
Ladder Programming is a basic form of programming that you can master to reduce production cost, increase production output, decrease in the rate of defects and etc. Find out more in this educational guide.
Consistently Detect Color without Failure!
Do you know that you can use this evolutional Sensor to differentiate color changes, where you might have faced with false detection by using conventional methods? Get this leaflet to see some examples.
Microscopy Usage in Different Industries
Do you know that microscopy analysis is required in many different industries to perform different level of observation. You might be amazed of its capabilities. Get this Application Guide to find out about your industry.
What Functions Are Required for Inline Dimensional Measurement?
While there are needs for high speed in inline dimensional measurement, stable accuracy is also necessary. See this guide for details on the fastest laser displacement sensor in the world that offers both of these characteristics that usually conflict at a high level.
Benefits of Implementing Measurement System
Do you know that there are benefits to your business for implementing a Image Dimension Measurement System?
- Improve Productivity
- Improve Yield Rate
- Expand your Orders
- Develop New Customers
Marking without worrying about Quality
With the latest Technology developed in KEYENCE Laser Marker, MD-X Series, you can mark with a peace of mind, and still ensure the quality every time. Download this Technology Guide to find out how you can benefit it!
Increased needs for traceability and code readers in the electronic device industry
It is now common to see codes marked directly on difficult-to-read workpieces such as those that are small or that have curved or mirror surfaces. This has led to increased needs throughout the supply chain for code readers with higher reading accuracy and for new products that can evaluate code quality. KEYENCE’s barcode/2D code readers provide AUTO ID solutions that meet the latest needs of the market.
Compact but Powerful Static Eliminator!
This is a revolutionized compact Static Eliminator which allows you to visualize Static Electricity and provides you with an increased peace of mind that the Static Electricity is eliminated. Read this informative Guidebook for more details!