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Newsletter 2021

May 10, 2021

Subject :

Increasing Your Profits with KEYENCE Microscopes

Profit Improvement Examples with Microscopes
We asked customers how a microscope has changed their operations. See what they had to say with these detailed examples of solutions made possible with a KEYENCE microscope.
Laser Marker Installation Examples for the Electronic Components Industry
As products become smaller, laser markers must meet the demand for more detailed, damage-free marking and processing. This collection features the latest examples of laser markers being used for a variety of products.
Increasing Machine Operating Rates with an Image Dimension Measurement System
Processing machine operation times directly affect production volume. Increase processing machine operation times with instant place-and-press measurement for a variety of applications with the IM-7000 Series.
The Optimal Laser Detection Sensor for Glossy Targets
Do you have problems with malfunctions caused by glossy or curved targets? This laser detection sensor’s automatic correction function ensures stable detection.
The Key to Successful Traceability!
Ever have trouble with unreadable codes or configuring settings for new marking conditions? Learn basic approaches to solve these and other common problems.
Stable Detections Even of Metal Targets
Introducing a full-spectrum sensor that differentiates between targets according to color. This enables stable detection of targets that are difficult to detect with conventional models.
Vision Systems — Preserving the Quality of Hygiene Products and Pharmaceuticals
Vision systems can help manufacturers meet today’s increased demand for masks and other hygiene products. See how KEYENCE systems are being used to maintain and improve quality in various automated worksites.
What Functions Are Required for Inline Dimensional Measurement?
While there are needs for high speed in inline dimensional measurement, stable accuracy is also necessary. See this guide for details on the fastest laser displacement sensor in the world that offers both of these characteristics that usually conflict at a high level.
Worried about Not Being Able to Troubleshoot Remotely?
The KV-8000’s machine operation recorder function and web conferencing system make solving problems even in remote areas easy. Read all about the latest advancements in remote maintenance.