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Newsletter 2021

June 14, 2021

Subject :

How to Get the Most out of Your Microscopes

Make the Most Out of Your Microscopes
Knowing what is possible to do with your equipment is very important, and the same is true for microscopes. Check out this guide on how you can maximize what you can do with your KEYENCE Digital Microscopes.
A PLC that is finally equipped with a small CCTV that automatically records and replays during the problem, which greatly cuts down down time and cost due to loss. Take a look how KEYENCE's KV-8000 series PLCs gets this done.
The Benefit of Image Dimension Measurement
Image Dimension Measurement systems have revolutionized the way we measure items, especially in the manufacturing sector. Read this leaflet to see how the KEYENCE IM-8000 cuts cost by saving time with cutting-edge measurement technology.
Answers to Questions About 2D Codes!
2D codes have a variety of applications including traceability and product sorting. This guide provides a thorough explanation of 2D codes, starting from the basics!
Reducing Costs with Contact Sensors
This contact sensor can realize a resolution of 0.1 μm in addition to having a durability that enables 200 million measurements or more. We can now replace your easily breakable and high-cost measurement systems with contact sensors, take a look.
Fiberoptic Sensor for Reliability
Introducing the new standard in photoelectric sensors:
- TERA power that greatly improves basic performance
- Built-in OLED display to read in both English and Chinese
- Indicator installed on the fiber unit
The Blue Laser
Compared to the conventional red laser, the blue laser beam is sharper which allows excellent profile measurement. How does it work? Find out the interesting technology in this document.
Marking Without Worrying About Quality
With the latest Technology developed in KEYENCE Laser Marker, MD-X Series, you can mark with peace of mind, and still ensure the quality of your marking every time. Download this Technology Guide to find out how you can benefit from it!
23 Successful Applications for Vision Systems
KEYENCE Vision Systems have been applied successfully throughout a wide variety of applications across multiple industries around the globe. Check out this leaflet to see which of these might be similar to your requirements.