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Newsletter 2021

November 08, 2021

Subject :

Connect, View, and Expand Your Applications

Connect to over 280 Types of Sensors with the KV Sensor Network
KEYENCE PLCs can be linked to a wide range of sensors, including differentiation sensors and displacement sensors. Take advantage of a wide variety of information from multiple sensors types to solve various problems.
Using Digital Microscopes for EV (Electric Vehicles)
See how digital microscopes are being used in the development and quality control of important EV parts such as batteries, motors, inverters, and ECUs.
Save Time on Incoming Inspections with an Image Dimension Measurement System
Do post-delivery dimension inspections of parts take too long, reducing the time you have to spend on actual work? Discover in-depth information on the IM-8000 Series, which can solve this problem.
The Definitive Volume for Measures against Adhesion
Learn about how static electricity causes adhesion of foreign particles and how to prevent it from happening. Contact KEYENCE if you want to investigate static electricity generation at your worksite. We will diagnose your worksite free of charge!
Improve Operations with the Basics of 2D Codes
Two-dimensional codes are indispensable tools for traceability systems. Improve code reader operation efficiency by reviewing the basics of 2D codes.
Fiberoptic Sensors with Improved Reliability and Ease of Use
Perform detections reliably in any situation.
- TERA power
The newly developed LED module produces power levels 1650 times that of conventional models.
- Built-in organic LED (OLED) display
Operations can be performed easily without having to refer to an instruction manual.
- Indicator installed on the fiber unit
Operation can be checked with just the fiber unit. There is no need to view the amplifier.
Use Multi-spectrum Lighting to Improve Vision System Compatibility
Proper lighting is an important factor in stabilizing appearance inspections. See how KEYENCE’s all-in-one lighting can help stabilize inspection with three different imaging modes.
1D Laser Displacement Sensor Catalog
This lineup of laser displacement sensors—which support a wide range of measurements from 1 μm to 1 m—stabilizes inline measurement. This catalog also introduces application examples from their proven track record.
A New Generation of Laser Markers that Contributes to Factory DX (Digital Transformation)
KEYENCE has released laser markers that can manage and utilize marking data. See examples of data analysis and process management that can help improve factory DX.