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Newsletter 2022

January 03, 2022

Subject :

Triple Your Detection Performance

Prevent Defective Products by Increasing the Number of Dimension Inspections
The IM-8000 Series can instantly measure dimensions simply by placing the target. More inspection items can also be added, helping to prevent defective products from being manufactured and sold.
10 Points to Know Before Considering a Microscope
See what’s possible with a KEYENCE digital microscope. Use this guide as a reference when considering using a microscope.
[Must-read] Things Learned From Inspections in the Automotive Industry
How have people quickly made inspection systems support further introductions of electronic technologies in the safety, communication, and environmental technology of automobiles? See this guide for know-how that is even useful in other industries.
KEYENCE Traceability Solutions
Discover how KEYENCE can help create a reliable traceability system with code readers for stable reading and laser markers for marking applications.
An Easy-to-Use Vision Sensor with Built-In AI
The IV2 Series ensures stable detection simply by registering acceptable and non-acceptable samples. The built-in AI can then accurately perform detection and differentiation for easy use by anyone.
Improving the Quality of Electric Vehicles with Vision Systems
The motor in an electric vehicle serves the same purpose as the engine in a gasoline-powered car. This collection of application examples highlights how vision systems can help prevent defects and improve quality.
Worried about Not Being Able to Troubleshoot Remotely?
The KV-8000’s machine operation recorder function and web conferencing system make solving problems even in remote areas easy. Read all about the latest advancements in remote maintenance.
CMOS Laser Sensor with Simple 2-Press Operation!
The LR-Z Series is ideal for any detection application!
• Rugged metal design
• Excellent angle characteristics
• Laser spot for easy installation
Material-based Laser Marker Selection Guide
Marking can be done on a variety of materials—including metals, resins, and ceramics—but regardless of the target, clarity is essential. This guide includes valuable tips for selecting the best marker for each material and method.