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Newsletter 2022

January 17, 2022

Subject :

A Laser Displacement Sensor For Any Target

1D Laser Displacement Sensor Catalog
This lineup of laser displacement sensors—which support a wide range of measurements from 1 μm to 1 m—stabilizes inline measurement. This catalog also introduces application examples from their proven track record.
Fast Dimensional Measurements Simply by Placing the Target on the Stage
The IM-8000 Series makes dimensional measurements easy. Simply place the target on the stage for automatic measurement with accurate, reliable results for all users.
Stable, Low-Cost Detection with a Reflective Laser Displacement Sensor
The IL Series of laser displacement sensors includes an automatic correction function for advanced differentiation capabilities regardless of target color and material, enabling stable, low-cost detection.
Save Time by Automating Microscope Measurements
Browse a collection of automation examples using digital microscopes for a wide range of measurements, including contamination (washing), graphite sphericity, area ratio, and porosity.
Improve Operations with the Basics of 2D Codes
As traceability continues to become more widespread, products are increasingly being marked with 2D codes. Learn about the basics of 2D codes and how they can help your business.
Using Operation Recording to Reduce Debugging Time
Operation recordings capture unexpected operations and can be saved to a PLC for playback on a PC for troubleshooting later on. See how operation recording can help save time for a variety of tasks.
Improving the Quality of Electric Vehicles with Vision Systems
Inverters and ECUs are essential components of electric vehicles, and inspections of these components are essential for maintaining product quality. See how vision systems are being used for such inspections in various manufacturing applications.
CMOS Laser Sensor with Simple 2-Press Operation!
The LR-Z Series is ideal for any detection application!
• Rugged metal design
• Excellent angle characteristics
• Laser spot for easy installation
Laser Marker and 2D Code Reader Application Examples
Marking and reading codes are essential steps in the manufacturing process. Discover how KEYENCE can help by browsing actual application examples using both laser markers and code readers.