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Newsletter 2022

May 23, 2022

Subject :

A Sensor With Unmatched Detection Capabilities

Stable Detections Even of Metal Targets
Introducing a full-spectrum sensor that differentiates between targets according to color. This enables stable detection of targets that are difficult to detect with conventional models.
Solving Labor Shortage Problems in Dimensional Measurements
Are labor shortages hindering your dimensional measurement capabilities? The IM-8000 Series may be the solution. With no need for special skills, anyone can obtain similar measurement results in a short time.
The Definitive 2D Code Textbook!
Learn about the basics of 2D code marking with laser markers. This textbook contains useful information for actual applications, including tips for marking on metal and plastic.
Techniques for Centralized Monitoring of Production Line Status
This guide introduces methods for centralized monitoring of production lines from a PC. It is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the following topics.
- Visualization
- Remote monitoring
- Data acquisition
Example Code Applications in Electronic Devices Industry
As devices become smaller with more value-added, 2D codes are being used more than ever. See how codes are being used for traceability and 100% inspection with this collection of application examples.
Increased Quality Through Improved Welding Processes
Alongside trends in products toward lower numbers of components and decreased weight, welding is seeing increasing selection as a manufacturing method. As such, we receive requests for consultation regarding welding inspections on a daily basis.
Improving Inspection Accuracy with a 64-megapixel Camera
The ultra-high resolution camera provides a wide field of view and high accuracy. Check out various examples of how this product ensures greater vision system stability during inspection.
High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensors: The Solution to EV Production Issues
Browse a collection of application examples for specific parts and discover new production methods that can help make your CASE goals a reality.
A Microscope Capable of 2D and 3D Measurement During Observation
Take advantage of 2D and 3D measurement during magnified observation at 20× to 6000×. The VHX-7000 Series makes high-accuracy observations possible for all users.