Touch Panel Display VT3 series

VT3 series - Touch Panel Display

Support equipment of more than 400 models from 23 vendors All models are compliant with RoHS


  • Full lineup with high quality colour TFT display
  • HANDY type with free selection
  • Screen catalogue and real parts : make your screen REAL
  • VT STUDIO : makes your design work SIMPLE and EASY
  • STRONG application features
  • CONNECT a wide range of peripherals


Latest Technology

A breakthrough in size and visibility Introducing the VT5: Innovation in HMI

VT5 series - Touch Panel Display

  • The evolution of the LCD
  • Optimised graphics for every operating environment
  • SD card slot and front-mounted USB ports provided as standard
  • Ethernet port provided as standard
  • Universally easy-to-view display
  • Easy legibility now enhanced with sound cues
  • PLC: Working with the KV Series
  • Vision system: Working with the XG/CV-X Series
  • Displays more information with higher visibility.

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