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          Programmable Logic ControllerKV Nano series


          Expansion output unit 16 Outputs Transistor (Sink) Output Screw Terminal Block,


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          Expansion output unit

          Output Points


          External connectionmethod

          MOSFET (N-ch)
          (with overcurrent protection function)*1

          External connection method

          Terminal block

          Rated load

          30 VDC, 0.5 A

          Leakage current (when output is OFF)

          100µA or less

          Residual voltage (at ON)

          0.8 VDC or less (with 0.5 A output), 0.6 VDC or less (with 0.3 A output)

          ON resistance

          Common method

          16 points/
          1 common
          (8 terminals)*2*3

          Response time

          OFF to ON

          100 µs or less
          (with a load of 1 mA or more)

          ON to OFF

          200 µs or less
          (with a load of 1 mA or more)

          Relay life

          Relay replacement

          Internal current consumption

          40mA or less


          Approx. 210 g

          *1 If even a single overcurrent is detected, the protection operation (output turned OFF) and automatic recovery are
          repeated for all outputs within the shared common, until the cause of the problem is removed.
          *2 The KV-N8ET(P) and KV-N16ET(P) COM terminals are shorted internally.
          *3 For KV-N16ET(P), the outputs within the shared common which are protected when overcurrents are detected are outputs 000 to 007, or outputs 008 to 015.

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