Newly Developed Li-CCD (Linearized CCD)

High-accuracy Ernostar Lens, and Other Unparalleled, Advanced Technologies

Advanced CCD Sensor Technology

KEYENCE has further improved the CCD sensor technology of the well-established LK Series and has developed new technologies including the Li-CCD and high-accuracy Ernostar lens

Advanced CCD Sensor Technology, 2 way optical system.


Principle of the Li-CCD that achieves high-accuracy measurements

Errors in pixel edges are reduced to achieve accuracy that is two times greater than conventional models.

Since a CCD has digital output characteristics for each pixel, the errors caused by gradual outputs generated at the edge of pixels were the barrier to higher accuracy. As a countermeasure, KEYENCE has developed an Li-CCD that outputs the position of reflected light in a pixel, achieving excellent accuracy that is two times higher than conventional models. In addition, the dedicated design of the sensor has achieved a speed that is 25 times faster and a sensitivity 10 times better than conventional models.
* Li-CCD= Linearized CCD

Measurement Principle

The measurement principle uses triangulation.

The Li-CCD Enables High-accuracy Measurements

The measurement principle uses triangulation. The position of the reflected light on the Li-CCD moves as the position of the target changes. The displacement amount of the target is measured by detecting this change.

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