Safety Interlock Switches GS series

Achieve the Top Safety Standards. PLe / Category4 / SIL3 / Type4

Machine Safety Made Simple

GS series - Safety Interlock Switches

Large indicators, compact size, quick & simple mounting, built-in cascading, and more.


Intuitive Design

  • Compact size to maximize versatility
  • Robust construction prevents damage to ensure longevity
  • Highly visible indicators to easily identify status at a glance

Versatile Mounting

  • Mount directly to the machine or choose from dedicated brackets
  • Locking type and non-contact models available
  • Designed to prevent nuisance trips related to door sag, vibration, and more

Seamless Integration

  • Additional AUX output available on each unit
  • Simplified wiring through cascading
  • Integrated OSSD wires with available EDM & manual reset