Digital Fibre Optic Sensors

FS-N40 series

Certainty and Simplicity Once you use it, you’ll never let it go [Download Catalogue]

1. Highest Ever TERA Power

Light intensity is significantly increased using the latest high brightness LED and efficient circuit design.
Ensures stable readings over long periods of time, even in situations that require high power such as in dirty environments or when working with workpieces that have low reflectance.

Highest Ever TERA Power

2. Easy to Read OLED Display

The characters are instantly recognisable, so anyone can configure settings easily without a manual. Strong contrast with the background gives exceptional visibility.

Easy to Read OLED Display

3. Visual Innovation: Fibre Unit Indicator

The fibre units indicate when the optical axes are aligned, making it easy for one person to carry out optical-axis alignment.

Visual Innovation: Fibre Unit Indicator

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