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IL Series CMOS Multi-Function Analogue Laser Sensor

Amplifier unit

Amplifier unit

Communication unit

EtherNet/IP™ Communication unit DL-EP1

DL-EP1 EtherNet/IP™ Communication Unit

The DL-EP1 is an EtherNet/IP™ compatible adaptor which can read and write the data from the connected sensor amplifier from a PLC (programmable controller). It supports cyclic communication as well as UCMM and Class 3 (explicit message communication). Data can be exchanged without a ladder program. The sensor amplifier settings and status can be read and written at random timing, and commands can be issued to the sensor amplifier.

DeviceNet™ Communication unit DL-DN1

DL-DN1 DeviceNet™ supported Communication Unit

The DL-DN1 operates as a slave unit of DeviceNet™ communication. Using DeviceNet™ communications, the sensor amplifiers and other units connected to the DL-DN1 can transmit their ON/ OFF control signals and measured values as communication data to PLC or other equipment.
The DL-DN1 supports I/O communication (polling) and explicit messaging. I/O polling enables data communication without the need of a ladder program. Explicit messaging allows for reading/writing sensor amplifier parameters and issuing commands to the sensor amplifiers.

RS-232C Communication unit DL-RS1A

RS-232C Communication unit DL-RS1A

Use this unit when outputting digital data to an external device with RS-232C signals. In addition the unit can be used to externally program the amplifiers.
*1. D-sub 9 pin connector cable (OP-81283) can be used for connection.

BCD output unit DL-RB1A

BCD output unit DL-RB1A

Use this unit when retrieving numerical data from the IL Series to an external device as digital data. A single communication unit can retrieve data from up to 8 IL Series display units via BCD.

Communication unit: Lineup

Communication unit: Lineup

The ◎ mark indicates that wire reduction and the creation of a Communication Program is not necessary.

Communication unit: Supported Sensor Amplifiers (as of March 1st, 2011)

GT2 Series / GT-70A Series / IG Series*1 / IB Series*2 / IL Series*3

*1 DL-RS1A units purchased on or before July 14th, 2009 cannot be used.
*2 DL-DN1 units purchased on or before July 14th, 2010 cannot be used.
*3 DL-EP1/DL-DN1 is not supported.
Inquire separately concerning compatibility conditions

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